Monday, May 31, 2010


Finally -
I'm getting around to the actual wedding.
Hmmm......debating how many pictures to post.
A few have been posted on Facebook and my neighbor mentioned that the newlyweds are getting in some trouble with their photographers because random photos are showing up and the photogs have exclusives.  Who knew?

And the newlyweds are off in Bora Bora and can't really deal with it from there.

So anyway -
the Wedding.

We were shuttled from the Beverly Willshire to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church for the ceremony.

The groom anxiously awaiting the appointed hour.
The bride's brothers - looking dapper.
Brian and I - looking wind blown.

We all went into the church and some seats had been saved for Brian and I.  It turns out that we were sitting next to the pastor's wife - Debbie and her sister and brother in law Terry.
We chatted for about 10 minutes before the ceremony.  As I was seated next to Terry, he and I made small talk for awhile.  He told me about his three boys, where they went to college and what they were doing now, etc.

The church and all the flowers were gorgeous.
The bridesmaids were gorgeous.
The groomsmen were handsome.
The pastor/priest/whatever did an excellent job.
He was a very humble man and really focused on making the homily about the bride, the groom and God.  I have seen many priests turn the homily into an opportunity just to hear themselves speak.  But I was very impressed by his efforts to keep the service focused on the couple and God.

I will post more of the bride and groom when I am able to - but out of respect - I'll limit it.
The ceremony really was beautiful.

After the ceremony, we came out of the church to be shuttled to the reception in Malibu.
But while waiting to get on the motor coaches, we took some pictures and chatted with the guests.
I found Debbie (the pastor's wife) because I wanted to tell her what a good job her husband had done.
She was pleased and said she was really proud of him.  As I walked away, someone told me that Debbie was Debbie Boone - as in "You Light Up My Life" Debbie Boone.  Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
And Terry?  That was Terry Botwick - the producer of X-Men:Wolverine and the Veggie Tales - The Movie.  I would never have figured that one out.
My niece - the flower girl - with my sister in law and brother.

The "Get Away" car.  Frank Gifford wouldn't get out of the way!

Kathy Lee should have gone over and gotten Frank so that I could have gotten a clear shot of the car!
Oh well!
When I have permission, I'll show you some more pics.
But you get the idea!
We watched the wedding montage DVD (shot in HD) last night (my neighbor brought it over) and once again, we were in awe. Words cannot describe the whole weekend!
We also had fun discussing how much everything cost and some of the private details of the weekend.

Seriously - the most fabulous wedding I have ever gone to or will ever go to.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

My thing is with a BH wedding like that, how many of the people are actually friends of the bride and groom and how many people are just there because they are So and So and famous and important.

Not knocking it though cause it sounded fun!

{amy} said...

Oh so cool Gina. Love Kathie Lee with Cassidy and Cody. how fun!!