Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After getting settled into our hotel, we changed for the "Welcome Reception" and Rehearsal Dinner.

The Welcome Reception was hosted by the Bride's parents in their suite.
We mixed and mingled until it was time to get on the shuttles to the rehearsal dinner.

We rode a shuttle with several of the bridesmaids' husbands.
The bridesmaids weren't there since they were at the rehearsal.
Although the ride was short, we garnered a LOT of information.
I'm a good eavesdropper!

These were all 20 something guys.
One was talking about the State Department and all of the different embassies around the world- which ones had the best grounds, the best security, the ones that were styled out, etc.
He was speaking from experience.
He was Jenna Bush's husband.

One guy was talking about living in New York and working at/on/for a hedge fund.
It took me awhile to figure out that he worked for Goldman Sachs.................
because his last name WAS SACHS!

The third guy was not as dressed up as the others.
Everyone was in business dress.
He was dressed in some pants, combat boots and a loose jacket....just a little bit more laid back and casual.
He was going on and on about being "on tour" this summer.
He listed city after city that his band was going to.....Prague, Vienna, London, etc.
Brian was like - "This guy can't be that big.  It sounds like he's bragging too much.  If he was big, he wouldn't be talking about it"
I didn't think he was bragging.  Brian couldn't hear the other guys asking him question after question.
Turns out, he wasn't bragging.
His "little" band is opening for U2 all summer.
This guy was Ryan Tedder.
Perhaps, you've heard of him.  He's from a little group called ONE REPUBLIC!  Although he wasn't bragging, he certainly deserved to!

So our fun filled listening in ended as we arrived at The Hammer.
Named after the groom's great grandfather Armand Hammer.
The locale for the rehearsal dinner (as well as the guest list) changed several times during the planning process.
For some crazy reason, the family was a little worried about security!?!
I wonder why?  The museum was stuffed with -
Van Goghs


and much, much more.
The art was incredible.

All of this before joining all of the guests and bridal party in the Museum's Courtyard to see Tori Birch, Chanel, Prada and Jimmy Choo.
Darn, my time is up and we haven't even gotten to THE DINNER.
Tomorrow - The rehearsal dinner.


Never Give Up! said...

This is getting exciting! Looking forward to the next installment.

Tricia said...

you're k-i-l-l-i-n-g me with the waiting! lol.....but I love the details! my jaw was on the ground over jenna bush's husband! holy moly! this is exciting! (p.s. does your neighbor read your blog?)

valerie said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear more.

McMom said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to hear what you ATE!

Missty said...

Way fun!!! Love this stuff! Tomorrow you have to write more!!!!lol

Mama Badger said...

Wait, one more time. How do you know the bride and groom? I missed something here. I'm coming in late, excuse me, excuse me.

This sounds incredible. And like a lot of fun. Rock star, indeed. Where were the boys?

Beth said...

Oh. My. Word!

Stef said...

Holy cow! I will have to return for more of the details.... LOST is over, so what else is there to do....but PLEASE let it end better than that!!

Dawn said...

Um, wow! Now I understand the need for a whole bunch of new dresses. I'm going to give glamorously vicariously through you for a while it that's okay.