Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chocolate Cake and Green Bean Casserole Make the World Go Round

It's everyone's favorite day.
Okay, well, maybe not everyone's,
but it would be if you would just go see Keely at The UnMom and link up.

On with the show -

* Because I know you want to know -
I'm eating chocolate cake for breakfast!
Aren't you jealous?

* Garrett has his post op visit today.
Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous and the boys went golfing after school.
I went outside to find Parker cramming two sets of clubs into ONE bag.
Garrett somehow convinced Parker that although he could swing a golf club,
there was no way he could carry his bag.
As a concession,
Parker packed a mini backpack with golf balls and told Garrett he would have to haul that around.

* 1/2 of the Bonehead Brothers leaves on his mission today.
He reports to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah tomorrow.  He'll be there for 11 weeks studying Russian and then he's off to the Ukraine.
It's one of those bittersweet moments.
It's the absolute BEST thing he could be doing,
but it's hard to say goodbye.
We had a final feast last night and I don't know if it was harder for the two Boneheads to say goodbye or to watch the Boneheads say goodbye.
They will reunite in about 2 1/2 -3 years after Garrett finishes his mission.

* I was settling into bed the other night about 10:15, when I heard rattling around in the kitchen.
I got up to see what was the clatter.
Parker was making green bean casserole.
AT 10:15!

* Brian's business partner went on a cruise with his family.
It wasn't fun.
They were on Carnival.
They learned the hard way.
Brian's partner's wife called it WOW!
WalMart on Water.
It was way entertaining and fun -
if you like domestic violence, stumbling down drunks, obese Americans fighting for poor quality buffet food
and visiting the dirty part of Mexico.
I'm not sorry I missed it.

* And in that spirit,
Brian and I went to a local restaurant the other night.
It's decent. 
But when we finished eating and walked into the reception area, it was PACKED with....
interesting characters.
Brian leaned in close and whispered -
"Is this a Port of Call for Carnival?"

I could hardly walk.  I was laughing too hard.
I shouldn't be allowed to leave my house!
I'm really nice and actually like most people until I leave the house and have to deal with humanity.
Then it all goes downhill from there!

Don't leave your house!
Unless it's to get a cupcake or donut!
Have a great Tuesday!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

YOu had me at the title. Two of my favorite things. Yes carnival is the line that reports the most sickness on board. We saw one of the ships when we did a Disney cruise last year...scary, just saying.

Of course now we can't pick our vacation for next year. Blow everything on another Disney, pay slightly less for the Royal Caribbean or Norwegian's new boat Epic (4 water slides, ON A BOAT with a bowling alley!), go to one of those all inclusive places like Beaches or just take the kids on a doubleheader of the aquarium and the zoo and get it over with in one day. :)

I like my moms idea. We fly out to them, drop the kids and CP and I go to Hawaii ALONE.

Ahh, thanks for letting me dream today!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake does, indeed, make the world go round. It also makes my rear grow round(er). *sigh*

Thank you so much for the heads up on the Carnival cruise - when I finally nag Beloved into submission, er, talk him into a cruise, we'll make sure it's not that one.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Raven said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast... mmmmm Somehow I think chocolate cake just tastes better if you have it for breakfast.

I'm sure it's hard to say good-bye for so long. I hope that he enjoys his mission trip.

Green bean casserole at 10:15? That's a bit random.

Have a great Tuesday!

McMom said...

I'm more jealous of you having a son that makes green bean casserole, than I am of the chocolate cake. And at the risk of sounding incredibly rude, those "interesting characters" you spoke of . . . my husband calls them Wal-martians. I guess he's the rude one, right?

valerie said...

Interesting choice for a 10pm meal. :) Thanks for the headup on the cruise ship. Not that I'd probably ever get hubby to go on one but it's good to know! Good luck to one of the boneheads on his mission. I'm sure it will be a bit more quiet around the homestead.

gretchen said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast? Excellent. Green bean casserole for a midnight snack? More excellent.

Shirley said...

We went on a Carnival cruise a few years ago over Thanksgiving and had a very nice time. Didn't see any domestic violence, only one drunk, and no lines for food. Every other cruise line was at the same ports we went to. (Grand Cayman and Cozumel) I doubt if I would go on that same boat again, but there was nothing wrong with it.

Love the green bean casserole as a late night snack. : )

Melanie said...

I'm leaving on a cruise in 4 days....hopefully it is not filled with the weirdos.....It's an Alaska cruise so maybe I will be safe....

good choice for breakfast, you can't go wrong with chocolate cake...anytime!

Dawn said...

The 'Carnival Port of Call' thing had me laughing until I was crying.

And I must say that I've never had the urge to make green bean casserole that late at night. Or ever really. But hey, kudos to your son for making it!

I can't imagine how it feels to say good bye to your son for so long so I'll just wish him a successful and grace-filled mission.

Big Mama Cass said...

Well it IS green bean casserole. LOL Tell him next time he feels like cooking at 10:15 to come over to my house and whip me up a cake :)

H.K. said...

Wow, another son on a mission, that is awesome!