Friday, May 28, 2010

WEDDING DAY! (Not the Wedding, but THE DAY!) Part FOUR

I know, I know.  I need to continue the wedding extravaganza.  I just got caught up in living my own life yesterday and had NO time to blog. We had this teeny tiny event called HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!  I'll post more about Garrett, graduation and how great he is later.

But for now, I will satiate the voyeur in you.

Saturday - Wedding Day!
The official wedding agenda called for a tour of stars homes (the outsides) and famous places in Beverly Hills.
Brian and I had our own agenda.

We got up and left the hotel in search of breakfast.
I wanted a big breakfast with protein.
I swear I don't drink, but I felt like I had a hangover.
It must have been from all the champagne bubbles in the air at the rehearsal dinner the night before.

Can I just tell you how DEAD Santa Monica Boulevard and Willshire are at 9:30 am?
They sure weren't this dead the night before at 2!

We found a place to eat and because the weather was completely beautiful, chose to eat outside right along Santa Monica Boulevard.
We were totally entertained by the cars driving by.
EVERY car was a Mercedes or a Porsche.  Okay - we did see 1 or 2 "normal" cars, but I have never seen so many Bentleys, Ferraris, and other luxury cars in such a short time.

Just across the street was another Cafe.
In front of it were parked, Mercedes, BMW's, Porsches and a rare WHITE Ferrari.
A few minutes into breakfast, a large group of men in sweat suits and ugly but expensive clothing came out.  They were all of Italian descent, spoke loudly and issued orders to one another.  It was JUST LIKE the Sopranos.  So of course, I stared and took blurry pictures!

But also across the street, something else caught my eye.
Who cares that I had just eaten 3 scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast a HAM STEAK!  Nothing makes me happier than a cupcake with buttercream frosting!

After breakfast, our next priority was to visit Kat VonD's place - High Voltage Tattoo.
It was 10:30 and we had two things going against us. 1) This is LA and nothing is open yet. 2) It's a tattoo shop. Really?  What time do you think they are going to open?

NOON.  Not ONE SECOND before noon.
Noon is getting awfully close to wedding time.
But I have my priorities.

While waiting for noon, I checked out the back parking lot.
Remember last season when Kat had the mural on the back wall redone and Aubrey was all ticked because she was a complete idiot and had worked at the shop for 2 1/2 seconds but thought she should be on the mural?
You don't?  What's wrong with you?  What? Are you like 40 something and watching stupid shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Glee?"  What are you? A normal American?  Join me on the darkside!

Look!  It's the mural.  Good thing Aubrey wasn't included since she got fired pronto!
So finally, I was fashionably late for the noon opening time.  I wouldn't want to be the first one through the door.  I'd look like some overanxious, totally unhip housewife/mom.  So uncool.

You will never believe this!
The shop looks just like it does on TV!
I saw Adrienne - the real shop manager. And she is much prettier (and nicer) in real life!  No, I didn't see Kat or Corey or Dan.  It was too early!  Who would ever expect artists of their magnitude to show up for work at high noon? WTH? - that's hell not heck.  We're talking about tattoos afterall!  

I did buy a really super duper cool High Voltage Tattoo T-Shirt with naked ladies, skulls and butterflies.  I'll be wearing it to the next church picnic!
Seriously, I'm a conservative, preppy, suburban, housewife with a sick and twisted mind.  We could have gone home right then, and the trip would have been a 10.


We went back to the hotel and got ready for the wedding.


valerie said...

That is freaking awesome Gina! I love LA Ink. Can we please be friends? lol I dare you to wear your shirt to the next church picnic! ;)

Missty said...

Very fun day! We love to hit Santa Monica every now and then. Last time I was fortunate enough to be "blessed" by some guy in a wizard hat caring a giant stick. Yep - he stopped in front of me, waved his stick, said a few weird things and said he blessed me. So... I have that going for me. lol

Tons of fun! But we haven't been over to LA Ink. Need to plan that, as we do watch now and then.

Dawn said...

This is, by far, some of the most entertaining reading I've done recently. And I'm going to be very sad when it's over...

McMom said...

I just had to share that the One Republic guy mentioned this wedding on the Today show this morning (something about sitting by Kathy Lee), and thanks to you, I was like, "Oh yeah, I totally know what he's talking about."

韋于倫成 said...
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Allison Williams said...

Gina, your my kind of house wife!! I'm so jealous you got to see the shop in person (and eat a cupcake for breakfast)! Way cool!!