Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feel My Forehead. Do I Have a Fever?

I must be sick.
Yesterday at 2 pm found me in the kitchen cooking -
by choice.
I was grilling Italian Sausages.
Steaming artichokes.
And making spaghetti sauce - from scratch.

For some crazy reason, I woke up wanting to cook.
I went to the store and bought all the ingredients.
I passed up the bottled spaghetti sauces and even eschewed the packet of spaghetti seasonings.
And get this - I used fresh basil from my plant in the kitchen
I used fresh parsley from the garden.
(I thought parsley was an annual.  Why do I have four parsley plants and chives where I planted them last year?)

After dinner, I went to my neighbors to package up 350 "bird's nests" for her daughter's wedding.
They are pretzels and peanuts mixed with various flavors of chocolate formed into a bird's nest with 3 sage green jelly beans nestled inside! You can use chow mein noodles too but broken pretzel sticks taste even better. And the bird's nests pictured above used mini Cadbury eggs. (Not my picture) Way cute!!

But I digress.  We both moved here 14 years ago.
Our kids were teeny.  Now they are old.  Her's are all gone.
Anyway, I asked her if she remembered the days when we cooked EVERY NIGHT.
Ahhhh...........those were the days!


Rebecca Jo said...

I am so hungry now.... that looks amazingly yummy!

And those bird nests are PRECIOUS!!! mine would turn out looking like the nests hit the ground or something!

Dawn said...

I applaud you! Whenever I get the urge to cook from scratch I lay back down until it passes.

Mama Badger said...

Cook every night? Who are you, my Mom?

I'm happy when LG eats and PB and I get more than a bowl of cereal.

smarkuci said...

Yup. I'm still cookin' every night. But I love it, and I'm sure I'll miss all those interruptions one day! ---SM

valerie said...

I can do pretty well to cook dinners most nights, but now that baseball season is on, it's grab a hot dog or whatever, I don't care if it's cereal for most dinners. Your dinner sounds yummy. Sauce from scratch? I'm impressed!

H.K. said...

Fresh spaghetti sauce is always the best! I have noticed that the older my son gets, the less I cook. It's hard to believe that I used to cook every other day!

Mrs4444 said...

I wonder what causes that occasional urge to cook-it happens to me too, though thankfully, not very often, heehee.