Friday, May 7, 2010

Perspectives from High School Boys

Aren't Fridays the BEST?
Love em!
Before I can party like a rock star,
I've got to clean Monday through Thursday out of my head.
Don't be afraid.
Join in!
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* Have you ever wondered what goes on in a teenage boy's head?
I'll share with you.

Last night we were celebrating Seis de Mayo by having DINNER at a Mexican restaurant.
The normal people in our family (Brian and I) ordered steak fajitas.
For their dinner, the Boneheads ordered 2 fried ice creams and 4 sopapillias.
I said nothing.
You can tell I'm pretty over parenting.
They fired up the grill around 10 pm and made something to supplement that dessert/dinner.

* Tonight is Mormon Prom.
6 weeks ago: Me: "Garrett, who are you asking to Mormon Prom?
Garrett: "No one.  I'm not going this year."

5 weeks ago: "Are you going to Mormon Prom?"

4 weeks ago: "Are you asking anyone to Mormon Prom?"

3 weeks ago: "Are you sure you don't want to go to Mormon Prom?"

2 weeks ago: "Mormon Prom?"

Last week: "Are you sure you don't want to go?  There are a lot of girls who would love to go."
"Nope.  Not going."

Yesterday: Garrett: "I might go to Mormon Prom.  Roger really wants to go.  I told him I would take him."

He won't ask any of the girls who have dropped hints that they want to go. But he will go with a boy?  You can't possibly predict what goes on in that head!
It's not that - Roger is a young man who is "investigating" the church.  Garrett has been going with the
missionaries to teach him about the church.  So if Roger wants to go, Garrett will take him. LOL
Garrett is going to the high school prom though - in two weeks.  He has some misgivings.  See below -

* Mothers' Day is the ALL CLEAR day for planting in Colorado.
Supposedly, you can get out there and plant your annuals without fear of frost.
No promises though.
We've had snow in June.
I'll be out with half the state shopping for annuals this weekend!
I do have a three foot tomato plant outside.
It has 14 baby tomatoes on it!
Sometimes I bring it in for the night.
Sometimes I don't.
It got down to about 28 degrees last night.
I hope it survived.

* Garrett is a pretty stylin' dresser.
Like today, he wore


Most days he wears shorts or jeans with some variation of a polo shirt.
Jeans or shorts.  But he always wears a collared shirt. 
The other day, he came home from school wearing sweats and a T.
Me: "THAT'S what you wore to school?"
Garrett: "Yeah.  Everyone liked it.  I got a ton of compliments."
Garrett's Friend: "Dude, people stopping and saying, 'Garrett, is that YOU?' are NOT compliments."

* I am banning myself from ever shopping at Whole Foods again.
I hate that place.
I only shop the perimeter of the store and the end caps.
Who wants to get sucked into all that healthy crap in the middle?
I'm looking for stuff with high fructose corn syrup, MSG and preservatives with a few nitrates thrown in.
Yesterday, against my better judgment,
I walked out of there with 7 separate carbohydrate items and some peaches.
I knew I shouldn't have bought the peaches.
There are no such things as "juicy" peaches that can be harvested anywhere in the world the first of May!
I should have been suspicious when the sign said:
"California Peaches."
And the stickers on the peaches said, "Grown in Mexico."
Ohhhh...........THAT California.

* One more real live rant conversation -
Garrett -
"What is with girls?  Why do they go out and get their hair did and put on a pound of make up so that they are barely recognizeable?  Why do they waste their mom's money on 10 inch nails?  Why do they have to DO THAT?  I want you to look the way you looked the day I asked you - with your hair down and no makeup.  That's why I asked you!  I liked how you look with your hair down and no makeup.  I thought you looked good!"

* I told everyone NOT to buy me any Mothers' Day presents.
I will buy my own.
I don't want them wasting money on stuff.....that I don't need.
They are cooking dinner.
What I really want is some clothes for the wedding we are going to in two weeks.
I have gone to EVERY store in town.
I have found NOTHING!
I guess I won't be getting any presents.

Happy Mothers' Day to you!  May you have a lovely day!


Mama Badger said...

Ok, now you have to explain what "Morman Prom" is. Sounds interesting.

I wanted to order only Fried Ice Cream on Cinco de Mayo, but I was out with all adults and felt that it would be inappropriate. Oh, well. I'll live vicariously through the boneheads.

Small Town Mommy said...

Good luck with your planting! I am jealous of your tomato plant. I love how Garrett interprets compliments. Good for him!

I love Whole Foods! I don't get to go very often but I do enjoy it. I even enjoy the healthy stuff.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Teenage boys are like aliens. That's the conclusion I've drawn.
Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Dawn said...

That was too funny! Thanks for the glimpse of what I'll be experiencing in about 17 years!

Happy Mother's Day (and good luck with your dress shopping!)

Mrs4444 said...

Goodness sakes! You are a busy one.

I went to prom with a Mormon once--it was interesting. I didn't know the young many very well, but he seemed nice, so I borrowed a dress and went to his prom. At his house, his dad met us at the door and apologized for not wearing a tie. The boy's brothers (four) all came to the livingroom and lined up on the couch to meet me. The formality, while not offensive or anything, made me feel like I was in the twilight zone.

I like the way your boys think-dessert for dinner! Girls who don't have to get dolled up. They sound like good kids.