Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Days - Trash, Tornados & Tattoos

Tuesday is my FAVORITE day!
And not just because it's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY.
It's also TRASH DAY.
Don't you love trash day?
It's soooooo freeing to get rid of stuff.
In addition to our three trash cans, we are donating 12 bags of yard clippings, weeds, trimmings, branches etc. to the trash men.
And now that we've cleared out our yard,
it's time to clear my mind -
Go see Keely at The Un Mom and link up!

* Could it really be just 13 months ago that Parker got his braces on?
Remember, we went to our ortho appointment at 7:15 for a "routine" check up
and the ortho said, Surprise! Come back at 9:30 and we'll put braces on."
How excited was Parker?
We went to Village Inn at 7:30 in the morning for a "last supper" of steak.
Where else could we get steak at 7:30 in the morning?
Guess who gets his braces off at 9:30 this morning??????
Ahhhh..........here's the reluctant soul on that fateful day last April!

* It's just 5 days before my neighbor's Wedding Extravaganza in Beverly Hills!
The brides family leaves today.
The mother of the bride and her younger daughter fly out this afternoon.
The bride's brothers leave this morning..........driving........2 cars with a UHaul trailer.
Don't ask what's in the trailer.  Don't ask.

* Well, well, well.
It's May 18th.
Ten days PAST Colorado's "It's all safe to plant your flowers" date.
Today is the perfect day to plant the flowers that have been on my kitchen table for three weeks.
Except that we're supposed to get rain, wind, hail and maybe a tornado this afternoon.

* Tonight is the Leadership Banquet.
Thursday is the Lacrosse Banquet.
Friday we leave for the Wedding.
Saturday is Prom.
I need more hours in the day and I need more party clothes.

* Since Brian and I are going to pay Kat Von D a visit at High Voltage Tattoos next weekend,
I've been giving a lot of thought to tats.
How about a cupcake tramp stamp?
 I mean, shouldn't a tattoo be about something you love?

* I'll try to take pictures of the wedding extravaganza,
but really, I have to be discreet.
We'll see.
I asked the my neighbor to make everyone wear name tags that include not just their names but why they are famous.
I'll NEVER recognize the screenwriters or producers.
Am I supposed to?
I don't think I'll recognize anyone!

* I am so disappointed in my friend Lil' Wayne.
He's serving one year for a gun possession charge.
Shocking that a rapper/hip hop star would have an illegal gun.
But anyway, he could get out early for good behavior.
Well, that just got shot down.
Yeah - he was caught with illegal paraphernalia in his cell.
Yeah - he can't have headphones.

* And the CRAZY never ends.
It's graduation next week.
Graduation just takes a few hours,
but the parties take DAYS!
Garrett has a litle stack of invitations that have come in the mail.
But with Facebook, people save time and money and avoid the post office.
I told Garrett to print out his FB invites.........all 37 of them,
so he could plan his party route.
Eek!  Sorry.  No gifts.

Well it's time for the braces removal!
Have a great Tuesday!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Cupcake Tramp Stamp. Bwwahhaha

You have to get one you know. Don't hate me but I do have ONE (Koi fish). And in the words of my friend SciFi Dad - They aren't exactly licked on by kittens.

No they certainly aren't.

I saw these awesome flowerpot cupcake things the other day and thought of you. Okay anytime I think of cupcakes I think of you. Happy RTT!

Anonymous said...

I got tired just reading this post.

Hey - the cupcake works for me! Mine'd be a piece of freshly baked apple strudel, though. I'd like to see the look on a tattoo artist's face when they get THAT request.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You know what I just realized? Tramp Stamp refers to the placement of the tattoo (lower back). Sweet! Mine's high class then cause that's not where mine is!

And I hope if my sister stops by today she DOES NOT tell our mother that I have one. I'd like to be there to witness her wrath for myself ;)

valerie said...

Sorry to hijack your lovely blog post Gina but -Oh sweet sister Andrea, you have a tattoo and you didn't even tell me!? - so Gina if you dooo happen to get a tattoo. I think a cupcake would be great. lol Can't wait to hear all about the fun Beverly Hills wedding!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I love the idea of the cupcake tramp stamp!!! Go for it or just get the tshirt and wear it around. Then people will wonder if you got one.

CaJoh said...

Taking out the trash and taking off the braces— what a time to celebrate!

Thanks for your crazy randomness!

McMom said...

What's in the trailer?