Friday, May 21, 2010

The TRUTH Will Come Out - Or You Might Get Ejected

There are always those little stories that your children fail to share with you.
Ahhh.....but they will come out!

This little adventure came out at the leadership banquet -

The leadership class decided to support one of the lesser cheered on sports - Girl's Field Hockey.
They made posters and banners and invited all the students to dress in black and come to the stadium to support the team.

I've been to a field hockey game.
There are usually 3 parents and 2 siblings making up the fan section.
How exciting for those girls and their coaches to a couple of hundred students come support them.

Evidently, the game wasn't going our way.
And evidently, it wasn't just the players who lacked talent.
The refs left something to be desired.
And evidently, the game was pretty boring and needed to be spiced up.
The inmate fans grew restless.

Finally, after 15 "bad calls."
Garrett made his own "bad call."

The ref blew her whistle and pointed at the player who she deemed should get a penalty.
From up in the stands,
came a really loud voice:
"What?  Don't you point at her.  If you point at her, I'll point at YOU!"

The ref turned to the crowd and called, "Who said that?"

Garrett stood and said, "I did."

Yep - Garrett was ejected from the game.
The crowd had a field day.
The coach actually had to leave the field and walk him out of the stadium since it was an official call.
(And Tiny Baby had to leave too......since his ride just got kicked out.)

It was the BEST field hockey game in the history of the school!


Tricia said...

right on Garrett! Enough is enough! I've been through my share of bad calls this little league's hard to keep my mouth shut when things are so blatant! my husband even got suspended from two games after saying "good job dumb & dumber" to one of the umps after the game was OVER! a big league board meeting and 20 mins of deliberation later, that was the penalty. geez.

so I would say to your boy: way to take one for the team kid....i like your style!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Can I just live vicariously through your kids and you? I mean I don't really have to parent my own when they hit that age right?

Cause I don't know if I could be mad if my kids ever acted like the Bonehead brothers and their young sidekick.

Raven said...

Go Garrett! That is just hilarious!

Melissa said...

I bet the whole girls field hockey team is in love with Garrett now.

H.K. said...

Good for Garrett for standing up! I bet the ref did his best to make better calls since then!

valerie said...

lol I've had to clamp my mouth shut with my hands a few times during games to keep myself from yelling not so nice things to the ump. Maybe I could borrow Garrett and he can do it for me. :)