Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Afghanistan, Idaho, Camboda and Good Ole Colorado!

Life is good!
It's trash day and I've cleaned all the junk out of the refrigerator, emptied all the trash cans and hauled the trash to the curb!

Now, I've just got to de-clutter my head!
And what do you know?
It's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY!

Good Timing!
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* I'm not bragging.  I'm just saying.
Colorado has the most GORGEOUS evenings!
Yesterday was blazing hot.
It was in the mid 90's at dinner time......almost too hot to enjoy eating - not to hot to eat but too hot to enjoy it.
But the incredible thing about Colorado is that it ALWAYS cools down around 7 pm.
We went to Parker's 8 pm lacrosse game and it was totally beautiful.
The sun was setting. The air was cool.
He was playing on turf, so there were NO mosquitoes.

* Brian liked his cake- even though it ruined his diet plans.
Not only did we enjoy birthday cake at 10 pm, "some" of us had cake for breakfast!

* Last night, we were talking to the parent of a Marine.
He's completed TWO tours of duty in Afghanistan and is preparing for a third in September.
Brian asked him how he thought the war was going.

He said, "It's such a mess.  It's horrible.  The adminstration has made it even more difficult to make any progress there. This month will have the highest KIA rate ever, but we won't hear about it because everyone is too caught up in the oil spill and the media will never report it.  It's ridiculous to leave Afghanistan now or anytime in the near future."
KIA = Killed in Action

I really admire and am grateful for all of those who serve in the military!
Thank you for unselfishly putting your life on the line to fight for freedom!

 * Tiny Baby is finally growing!
He grew 2 inches in 3 months! Yea!
He needs all new clothes.  BOO!
Did you know that when a boy says his shoes don't fit, he doesn't just need a new pair of tennis shoes?
Nope, that means, he needs running shoes, tennis shoes, cleats, church shoes, and flip flops.
ALL shoes WILL purchased will be on sale!

* A new pair of shoes arrived in the mail yesterday.
Tiny immediately took them out of the box and smelled them.
 I mean, buried his nose in them and inhaled deeply.
Why do my boys like the smell of new shoes?
He then laced them up, put them on, walked around the kitchen and pronounced them good.
He also shared, "These will probably only last a month.  I'm just warning you."

 * Go ahead.  Ask me.
How long until we go to Cambodia?
I don't know.
Give me a second.
I'll count up the days........23 days.
We get to pick up Trammell in 24 - TWENTY FOUR days!
After two years+, I get to SEE and TOUCH Trammell.
Do you think I'll cry?
Let's rephrase that.
Do you think I will even be able to see through my tears or form a coherent sentence, or will I just sob?
I'm crying now - at the thought.

 * I was EXTREMELY impressed by our tour of BYU- Idaho.
The campus is beautiful.
The people were all really friendly.
His apartment is perfect.
I think it's a good fit for Garrett.
We had a great road trip.

I'm off to make some pasta salad.
Happy TuESDaY!


Andrea said...

Blubbering Gina, that's what we'll call you. But hey blubber away it's only your first born!

Small Town Mommy said...

Your weather sounds amazing. I am not to crazy about the hot weather but if it cools down at night at least it is comfortable to sleep. Of course you will cry when you get to Cambodia. How could you not?

Missty said...

Glad to read an update! All sounds good. Happy late birthday to Brian! Garrett will do great this summer. And if Tiny Baby keeps growing like that, he won't be tiny for long. lol And I can't wait to hear all about Cambodia! And bringing home your baby! Happy Days ahead!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Wow, you have a busy summer ahead of you! I wish our weather would cool off in the evenings. It's still too hot to eat after 8pm. You'd think with that thought in motion, I'd lose some weight. :-)