Tuesday, June 8, 2010

随意地;胡乱地;任意地 Thought Tuesday

That's RaNDoM in Chinese kind of.
And that's how I'm feeling - RaNDoM and Asian.
Go on over and see the The Unmom and you can see some good ole American RaNDoMNeSS!

* I just got back from the Asian Market.
It was cool even if I couldn't read any of the labels.
Who knows what I bought.
I was by myself, so I had to call the kids to see what they wanted.
Garrett - "Be sure to stop and read all the Asian newspapers on the way out.  They're cool!"

What?  Read the Asian newspapers?  I don't know the difference between Korean, Chinese or Japanese kanji.  How would I "read" the paper?"

*School's out for the Summer!
Freedom, sweet freedom.
I love the long days of nothingness that Summer gifts us!

* Big plans for the Summer?
We're picking Trammell up from Cambodia in - let me go count - 5ish weeks
It's been TWO YEARS!
Maybe I should learn some Cambodian really quickly.

*We're firming up our plans for the big trip - as in I'm finally getting around to making hotel reservations.
It's not like you can just go to Marriott.com and request a room with two queens.
I've been working on narrowing down my choice for months.
But now there is a lot of emailing back and forth to make sure I have the right rooms on the right nights.
We're trying to talk Garrett into skipping college and coming with us. ;)

*A note to random people (as in, not friends) from Asia who comment on my blog:
I don't speak Asian.
I don't want Viagra or want to visit your porn sites.
Quit commenting here.
You are NOT welcome.

*I LOVE trash day!
I open up the refrigerator and get rid of anything I possibly can!

*Van der Sloot=Guilty
Save the time and money and save us all from hearing every detail - just put him away.

And it's all I've got!
Have a great Tuesday!


Ashli Dardenne said...

How would you like to have your last name be Van Der Sloot? Ugh. I don't even know what he did....just the name sounds bad.

Jenn said...

Josh has been having dreams that we will have an Asian baby. Asians are cool and all, but I'd have a heck of a time explaining that one to family. Besides, is there such a thing as a cute red-headed Asian? You are so on top of things when it comes to trash day. I seem to remember to clean out the fridge the day after - then our garage smells of putrid dumpsters and jungle rot for the next week. Mmm.

Mama Badger said...

Less than 5 weeks! How fun. Down to the stretch to finalize those plans, though.

The Van Der Sloot thing? You'd have thought after a near miss last time he'd have rethought the whole situation.

Amanda G said...

LOL, love the title and as far as I know that's exactly what it says. :)
And Cambodia...oh my goodness how cool is that?! Wish my summer vacation would get here soon, not that I'm going anywhere, but just because the students and I need a break.
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.
amanda (Ramblings of an Empty Mind)

Laufa said...

So does Garrett read the Asian papers?
Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.

Rachel M. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Totally agree with you on Van der sloot - that guys creepy and I hope he get's locked up in Peru where conditions are way worse than here!!!

Barb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love to go to the Asian market. Even though I don't know anything either. Happy Tuesday.

Christina said...

Something about jail in Peru (or anywhere in South America for that matter) sounds much worse than jail in Aruba. Hmmm... Carma maybe?

Asian markets just sound a bit creepy to me. However, I'm suddenly craving some Chinese food.

Happy Random!

Danelle said...

Well, I guess you won't be serving on the Van der Sloot jury. You have better things to do anyway, like learning Cambodian.

~Danelle: formerly known as McMom :)

Andrea -The Blogging Literary Mama said...

The whole summer long days of nothiness, that's what I fear the most. Oh, and meltdowns and tantrums and screaming and whining...Is it August yet??

We have a big Japanese population (and German too, NoWheresVille is WEIRD) b/c of Toyota being here. Lots of fun buying Pocky Sticks and Soba at the Kroger.

Stef said...

Ahhhh....mission count down. Good times...not that I know. My oldest son is only 10...but I remember from my own mission.
Have fun!!