Friday, June 25, 2010


"Greetings loved ones.........Let's take a journey!"
Courtesy of Snoop Dogg.  He  ALWAYS knows just what to say!
It's a journey through my mind!
Don't be scared.
It's just time for a defrag and dump!

*And thanks to Mrs. 4444's for giving us a place to dump!
It's her 100th birthday (for Friday Frags) go over and say "Hi!"

* Last night, the WHOLE family was gathered around the TV set watching.......well I can't even remember because I am still traumatized.

We saw an ad for this -
As if watching half-naked girls bend and flex and kick and wiggle on screen isn't awkward enough with 18 and 15 year old boys, we were privileged to get up close and personal with this mini rake to keep your wild things in line.  We will NEVER watch TV as a family again!

* It's been a century since I've had a cupcake.
This week, I've had cake.  I've had pie.  I've had cookies.
I've had caramel corn.  I had Sees chocolates.
But no cupcakes!
Must have cupcakes!

Could someone bring one over please?
I said please!

* Checked my email this morning and I received this from Korean Air -
안녕하십니까 대한항공입니다.
고객님의 스케줄 일부가 부득이한 사유로 인하여 변경되었음을 알려드립니다.

여정 예약번호

KE 24 Operated by KE - KOREAN AIR 변경 전
출발 샌프란시스코(SFO) 10년 7월 14일 13:35 현지시간
도착 서울 (인천) (ICN) 10년 7월 15일 17:45 현지시간

What?  I hope I figure out what it says before I miss my flight!

* Yesterday's line of the day -
We have a little GMC Sonoma.  It's a 1997.  We bought it 7 years ago from Brian's company for $800.
It's probably been driven 3,000 miles since we bought it.
The Mulch Bros are using for their business this summer.
Garrett took it in for an oil change yesterday.

Oil Change Man: "Okay, we changed the oil.  There are a few things that should probably be done -
You need a new battery soon. We also need to change the air filter, flush the brake fluid, and replace the windshield wiper resevoir."

Garrett: "So basically, it's totalled."

* The Mulch Bros start a big 2-3 day job today.
To put it in perspective - visualize the bed of a pickup truck.

A regular pickup bed holds 1 1/2 to 2 yards of mulch or bark.
They ordered 15 yards of mulch and it takes one of those big semi trucks to deliver it.

* It's going to be 99 degrees today.

* Text conversation between Parker and I:
Me: "You have a long day tomorrow.  It's time to go to bed."
Parker: "K"

A few minutes later-
Me: "It sounds strangely like you are not in your room."
Parker: "I'm in the kitchen."
Me: "Hmmmmm....aren't you supposed to be in your room going to bed?"
Parker: "Maybe."
Me: "Get gone."

* Don't you hate it when you are reading a good book and you want to hurry up and finish it so you can see what happens but you don't want to finish it because it's good and you don't want it to end?

Don't you hate it when you are in the middle of a mundane chore and you think "I wonder what so and so (the really interesting character from your book) is going to do?" or "I wonder what happens next?" and then you realize that you finished the book and so and so is not going to do anything and nothing is going to happen next.

Don't you hate it when you finish a good book and eagerly start a new one but by page 8, you realize it's not going to be that great?
Yeah, me too.

*We all have to get tetaus shots before our trip.
Everybody get in line for shots!
What I want to know is why we have to go to THREE doctors to get everyone taken care of and why do I have to BEG for shots?
Why are people so reluctant to shoot us up?
You would think I was asking for heroin!

*In the words of Trammell - who we haven't seen in two years but who we pick up in Cambodia in (I'm opening my calendar and counting) 20-TWENTY days:
"Welp........see ya later."

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

I do that all the time with books... hate for them to end when good - AND know when its not going to be worth a hoot!

99 degrees... ugh... its been like that for the past few weeks here... FALL please!

Raven said...

Everything you said about books, I agree. Especially about being eager to start a book and realizing it's going to suck by page 8. That's a bummer.

I am impressed by all that you had to dump. I can never remember anything I want to blog about when I sit down to the puter.

Gotta love those Korean Hieroglyphs. I used to get them as comments on my blogs all the time.

Have a great weekend!

Tricia said...

I will decode it for you....using my super duper former travel agent powers.....KE is the carrier/airline code, next to it is your flight number. Then they are just telling u it's operated by their own planes, because some airlines contract with other carriers for certain routes. Then the SFO is your departure city, then the departure date (year, month, day), then flight departure time. does that help? too much information? you probably figured it out by now anyway....

and about the you know the sweet tooth fairy ships anywhere? you gotta check it out!

Dawn said...

Ah, the fun land which kids inhabit. At least they have enough now for the rest of the summer...though where are they putting it all?

"'s totalled." Loved it!

Have a great weekend and get you some cupcakes!

Beth Zimmerman said...

So hear ya on the books! And cupcakes do sound pretty yummy right now! As does a banana split with LOTS of hot fudge! Mmmmmm!

Everyday Kathy said...

Fun fragments! Nice to meet you! I'm fragmenty over on the Everyday Mommy blog today... Im flipping people off over at Everyday Bliss...

I hate that about a good book too... Korea what a cool trip! So nice to meet you. I'll be back for the trip stories for certain. So nice of Mrs. 4444 to introduce us!

Danelle said...

Now when I'm in the middle of a mundane chore, I'm going to be wondering what book you read that was so good. I guess I'll have to start paying more attention to your bookshelf widget.

Mrs4444 said...

WOOHOO!! Time is ticking! Are you ready?! (Got that translation done yet?)

Thanks for clarifying on the 100th birthday :)

The razor commercials sure are getting a lot of play these days...

I NEVER make cupcakes, but Kendall made some last night. Sorry to be a tease, but there's one right here....

王邦鈺 said...
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Carolee Sperry said...

I feel the same way about commercials for viagra and other ED meds and womans sanitary products.

There are just some things you don't want to explain to a little kid that asks, "What's erectile dysfunction?"

Visiting a few days late from Friday Fragments.

Have a great week!