Friday, June 11, 2010

I WOULD Blog But I'm.......

* Purchasing an airplane ticket for Garrett to go with us to Cambodia.

* Firming up hotel reservations.

* Helping Garrett and Parker with their new business venture. (Watch for more info on THAT one!)

* Laughing at their insistence that they can't "do" business without a website. (It will be "up" in 24-48 hours)

* Ironing sheets

* Looking for a new "travel" bag.

* Helping Parker with his Eagle Scout Project

* Reading a stupid book

* Thinking about baking something just so I can wear the new apron that Margaret bought me at Harrods.  
  I guess I don't have to bake.  I could just wear it around.

* Looking at pictures from someone else's trip to Cambodia and thinking:
"What are we thinking?" and "What kind of shoes should I take?"


StephieMae said...

I love that apron! And I love you hope you are well! You should wear your apron out to the bakery and buy some cupcakes or cookies or something! Validate wearing it by telling yourself you wear it in support of those who serve you the deliciousness!

Guymons said...

what about summer school?

Dawn said...

I'm still agog that you are ironing sheets on top of doing everything else. I bow to your domestic goddessness!

And I'm pretty sure that if I ever put on an apron hubs would think it was 'playtime'.

As far as shoes go, perhaps some nice Wellies or hip-waders?

valerie said...

The apron is so cute just wear it around anyway. You need to invest in a good pair of cute galoshes. Maybe two. You iron sheets? Wow!

Lewis Family said...

Do they make disposable up-to-the-knee shoe covers? Looks like something washable is a must.

H.K. said...

What a cute apron- if I wore that I would bake all the time! Judging by the pictures, I would wear big rain boots- have fun in Cambodia!