Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Parker is working on his Boy Scout Eagle Project.
He is collecting used glasses, new and used reading glasses and cash to buy new glasses for orphans and people in need in Cambodia.

He is working with an orphanage and an NGO- The National Center for the Disabled in Cambodia.
He will spend a day visiting both organizations and dropping off the glasses and cash donations when we are there next month.
Parker was planning on taking the cash donations and going to Costco or Sams where you can buy a three pack of reading glasses for just $7.99.
He found out that he can purchase reading glasses for less than $1 a pair.

I cannot believe the excited and generous response!
Last week, he donned his scout uniform and went to the grocery store with flyers.

He handed out the flyers and explained his project as people went into the store.
The flyers outlined the project and explained that he would be happy to come to their house to pick up their old glasses.

One middle-aged man accepted the flyer and went into the grocery store to do his shopping.
When he came back out, he handed the flyer and a folded up bill to Parker.
Parker thanked him, but when he opened the bill, he saw that it was a $50.

He also collected several additional cash donations.
The next day, an employee of the grocery store called and said that she had gone home and collected some pairs of glasses from her house.
Parker agreed to meet her at the grocery store.
She handed him a ziploc bag with 10 pairs of glasses.
Parker also received five additional phone calls from people donating glasses.

Parker and some friends in his scout troop also canvassed a neighborhood one evening.
They went door to door and collected 50 pairs of glasses and $125 in about 90 minutes.

Sometimes, we get caught up in our own lives.  Sometimes, the news only portrays the inhumanity, the violence and the disrespect for human life. Sometimes, all we hear about war, disease, natural disasters, and misfortune.

But people aren't inherently bad.
People are good.
I've seen it.
Parker's project is a sweet reminder of how much people really do care about each other - including strangers in a third world country.


valerie said...

That is just awesome.

Dawn said...

That is one awesome kid you've got there. Way to go, Mama!

Mama Badger said...

I'm so happy to hear that his project is going well. Your boys really are a testament to the fact that the next generation has as many heroes as all the ones before.

Danelle said...

I cannot see my hand in front of my face without my glasses, so I can just imagine how happy those people in Cambodia will be to get some glasses. I think you need to bring a camera crew to Cambodia and film this so they can make one of those Mormon Messages about the people getting their glasses. I thinks it's just fantastic!

Don and Kelley said...

Wow, what a great project. Amazing!