Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bonehead Brothers' Big Business

Just an FYI for moms with little kids -
NEVER let teenage boys get bored!
They must be kept occupied at ALL times or there will be fireworks.
Real ones!

The Boneheads put their heads together with Brian and came up with a "brilliant" business idea.
Brian - being a CEO, CFO, COO, President, thought the boys should come up with some flyers and go door-to-door soliciting business.

The Boneheads, products of the 2000's internet-age, decided the only way to be successful was to go viral!
I seriously heard Garrett say, "If we could get 50 bloggers...."
They slaved away for 2 days on their website, made flyers, made a business card, negotiated a wholesale price on mulch and bark with a landscaping firm, and bought new rakes, gloves and a wheelbarrow.

And thus Mulch Bros was born!

"Taking care of all your mulching needs since...........right now!" <- Tagline on their business cards.

Friday, they went door to - well one door- and secured a 3 day $1,200 job.
They have two other clients in line for mulching and tree removal.

Go ahead - go look at their website.
Mulch Bros
It's not completely finished,
but I think you'll like their biographies on the welcome page,
which they obviously took seriously
with lines like -
"I spent my time observing the various kinds of mulch that surrounded the playground. I felt mulch. I smelt mulch. I tasted mulch. I saw mulch. I even felt how mulch felt."

Smelt?  Is smelt even a word?  Besides smelting ore I mean.

And "I aspire to become Mulch Master of the Year."

Or how about this load of crap mulch- "Every summer I would hear from my friends about how they spent their time playing video-games and lounging at the pool. This had no appeal to me. Along with long walks on the beach, I have always enjoyed hard work. Especially when it was hot."

Hey - at least they are out of the house!


Raven said...

LOL that is hilarious. I love their bios! Best of luck to the Mulch Brothers!

Danelle said...

That is just fantastic! It's exactly the kind of thing I hope my children will do when I let them get bored. I think, as their mother, you should probably have a link to their website on the sidebar of your blog though. ;)

valerie said...

That is awesome! I love it! lol Thier bios were too funny. Good luck with the mulching business!

Andrea -The Blogging Mama said...

I almost snorted soda threw my nose. Those boys are something else.

Good for them for taking the initiative. You should really collect five percent or something as their agent ;)

Dawn said...

Bwah ha ha! That was hysterical. "Mulch" success to them!

Tricia said...

shut UP!!!!!! that is the best thing I've read, in, oh I don't know? maybe EVER!

be proud of those boys.....this could be huge!

I'd totally hire them, anyway, because I've got some crappy gravel & cactus that I want outta here. instead, I have a non-english-speaking-surely-legal-gardener, who tramples my kids' little wildflower sprout garden.

does the mulch brothers franchise? because there's an unturned market niche here in so cal!

Stacy said...

Awesome! Would they like to come to Texas?

renew said...

Venture a small fish to catch a great one. ............................................................

Mama Badger said...

Think they'll come to eastern Ohio and mulch my flower beds? They are in serious need of some help. I have a tree stump or two that could use some "brotherly" love.

Julie at ModernDayMiddleAge said...

That? Is the cutest thing EVER. Seriously, coolest kids on the web. Tell them good luck for me ... if I didn't live in California, I would call them right now...