Monday, June 28, 2010

You KNOW You Want to Come!

We sure know how to travel!
It's all about fun and glamour, relaxation and good food!

Remember the email I received that was in Korean?

Well, after translating it,
I figured out that our flight arrival time had been changed.

We take off from San Fransisco at the exact same time as before,
but for whatever reason, instead of arriving at 7:25,
the plane will arrive in Seoul at 8:10.

Does it really matter?

Our flight for Phnom Penh (on the SAME airlines) departs at 8:30.

I think we will miss that flight.
I think I better make a phone call.
Running through an airport is 1) Fun and 2) Glamorous!

I've also done some checking.
It's always good to check the weather for your travel destination.
Right now, it's monsoon season in Cambodia.
What does that mean?
Well, it means that in July the average high temperature will be 91 degrees.

The average low will be a cool 77 degrees.
And they will receive an average of 9.31 inches of rain.
That's A LOT of rain!!!!

I checked out the ten-day weather forecast.........just to see what it will be like.

Monday - June 28    High: 88         
                                    Low: 80

Tuesday - June 29   High: 87
                                    Low: 79

Wednesday - June 30   High: 88
                                          Low: 79

Thursday - July 1   High: 87

Friday - July 2   High: 88
                             Low: 79

Well, I think you get the idea.
Hot & Humid = Fun & Glamorous!

Don't you wish you were going with us?


Mama Badger said...

Nothing screams good times like getting e-mail regarding an important travel plan that is in a language you don't speak! Good luck. Think happy thoughts.

Adrienne said...

OH boy that is crazy you would think it would be already translated for you ...Good luck and I hope it is not as bad as the humidity makes it sound

Andrea said...

Why fly to Cambodia when I can hang out out at home and have the same weather?

Raven said...

It's a good thing you thought to try and translate it. I probably would have just deleted it thinking it was spam.

I hate humidity. Hate it. Loathe it. Hide inside with the air on every time it's humid out. So, no I don't want to go with you. ;-)

Stef said...

Oh boy! Nothing like leaving you the airport. And on the positive side, why worry about doing your hair and makeup. That is really glamorous!! HAVE FUN...despite it all!!

♥ Kathy said...

Well I hope you have a GREAT trip!! How exciting! Thanks for visiting me. I HOPE the cucumbers straighten out but I have my doubts lol