Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SUMMER TIME - When the Livin' is Easy!

I LOVE Summer.
Okay, I LOVE all the seasons.
That's why I live in Colorado.
We get all the seasons.

What I love about summer -

* The quiet coolness of the morning
*Wandering around the house at 7 am while the kids are still asleep
* Going out to get the newspaper and realizing the whole neighborhood is still asleep

* Watermelon
* Summer fruit
* Homemade potato salad
* Vegetables on the grill
* Shish kabobs
* Anything on the grill
* Homemade ice cream
* Baked beans in the crockpot
* Homemade cole slaw

* 4th of July

* Family Vacations

* No schedules -
except for summer lacrosse, getting people to work, working on Parker's Eagle Project, cooking, and the usual housework. ;)

* Summer lacrosse
Sitting out in the gorgeous Colorado evening with no humidty and no bugs and watching people beat each other with sticks.
Hey, at least *I'm* not sweaty

* Cool movie theaters with buckets of buttered popcorn

* The swimming pool

* The way that no matter how hot it gets during the day,
it ALWAYS cools off at night

* Getting into bed with the ceiling fan on and actually being chilly

* More time for reading books


valerie said...

Oooh I love summer too! BBQ's and friends. Hanging out at the lake, half asleep with the sound of the kids splashing near by. Lot's of pretty flowers. SUN!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I love summer. Absolutely. And you have wonderful reasons. I would add that I am on break for mine. But all that good stuff to go along.

Don and Kelley said...

I have to agree with all of this. Summer is nice. I don't like the 115 degree heat, but that is why we have a pool!

Stacy said...

Loving summer! Even cub camp! The only thing I'm a bit jealous of is the "cooling off at night." Not so much around here. When we left camp last night at 9:00, it was still 90 degrees. Blech!