Friday, June 4, 2010


It's the day we've all been waiting for.
Yeah it's Friday and it's time for
with Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  And we all love her!
But, even more importantly,
I'm celebrating RIGHT now with a chocolate twist and a maple cake. EVERY day should be National Donut Day.

*Should I be embarrassed when I walk into McDonalds and the ladies who work the counter either have a large cup sitting there waiting for me, or see me and turn and get a large cup before coming to the counter to say "Good Morning?"  I don't go there EVERY morning.......just most, some, every once in awhile.

*Tiny Baby and I currently weigh the same

*Tiny Baby is wrapping up finals. WOO HOO! Make.School.End!
I have not seen him study for a single final.
He already took his AP Human Geo test - so no final there.
He has figured out that to maintain his A in Biology, he just needs anything above a 69.
And he could skip out on several finals altogether and still have A's in those classes.
No stress.

*I survived serving BBQ to 250 at the high school yesterday.
Except for the fact that I still have 4 coolers and 50 individual bags of potato chips still in my car.

*We made plans for tonight.
We MUST cancel them.
Tonight is the season premiere of
What a STUPID show!  These people are the BIGGEST idiots ever!
The only thing cool about the show is this
their flag
Brian thinks the show is completely stupid too, but somehow, he is entertained by their stupidity.  I don't get entertained.  I get mad.  They are stupider than a bunch of teenagers in the basement playing Call of Duty.  When I hear them say stuff like, "Whales are the most important mammals on earth" and "I wouldn't think twice about dying to save a whale," I want to throw the remote at the TV.

*Crisis at the Cox household!
Garrett's COD (Call of Duty) went missing.
Bar the doors.  Don't let anybody in or out until we find the game!

He had some friends over.
He took the game out of the PS3 and put in the movie Italian Job.
The game went missing.
Yep - I'm pretty sure those 3 girls who are soon to be juniors in college took it.
A)Why would one of those girls WANT the game
and B)more importantly, why are juniors in college hanging out with Garrett?
Quick find the game!  I pick video games over older girls as the lesser of two evils!

*Garrett was trying to get in touch with his college roommate - no NOT so they could coordinate comforters.  He took "potluck."  He was just assigned a random roommate based on his answers to a questionnaire.  "Do you consider yourself messy, neat or moderately tidy?"  1) Who would ever mark "messy/"  Who wants to be put with ANOTHER slob? 2)There is NO SUCH THING as a 18 year old boy who is neat or even moderately tidy.  What a stupid question.

*Do you think it's a bad sign that the future roommate uses his parents email address and doesn't have a Facebook account?  My MOM has a FB account!

Well, it's time to go unload those coolers, start some laundry and accomplish something!
Happy Friday!  Happy Weekend!


Missty said...

Forget donuts! You have to watch "Cupcake wars" on the food network June 13th! Its HUGE! LOL I heard about it a few months back... when a great guy came home and told me he donated cooking equipment to the show. So I have been thinking about you ever since. Matt has had meeting with the producers, etc. fun stuff!! But it had to be "mum" till they started advertising it. lol
(Same as when El Pollo Loco started serving beef - months of hush hush) lol

Andrea -The Blogging Literary Mama said...

As always Gina, awesome Friday post. heck my 8 yr old isn't even close to being called neat or tidy. If I step on one more Lego...oh-boy!

Guymons said...

the roommate without a facebook account or e mail is odd, bet his parents signed him up and entered theirs so that they could get all his emails.

Glad the year is winding down. William's finals were a lot like Parkers, he set the curve in his science class, all his classmates wanted him to fail the final, to help their grades...haha...he didn't he got 100%, oops. Grades are more important than friends, right?

Good luck on finding the game. It's probably in a different case!

Melanee has had several different roommates so far in college...really, the actual roommate doesn't really matter than much, they don't have tons of time to spend in their rooms except to sleep. It will all work out.

Mama Badger said...

Those whale people are whack jobs. Like when Greenpeace attacks navy ships whack jobs. Whew.

No e-mail, huh? He's in for a fun filled year. Tell me when they sandwich him between two mattresses and toss him out a window, will you?

Ashli Dardenne said...

You and Tiny Baby the same weight? Must mean I'm fatter then Tiny Baby. Sad, I know. =)

Mrs4444 said...

Our college orientation is next week, but Kyle won't know his roommate's identify until August. I'm glad you and I can compare notes about college this year--I have no idea what's going on.

Yeah, I just watched part of that stupid whale show. Pretty slow and just plain boring.

Hooray for finals ending :) Kendall wrapped hers up today and is feeling very good.

Bravo on the barbecue--I'm sure everyone appreciated it.

Adrienne said...

whale wars is composed of morons trying to be cool...they have great intentions but will never accomplish anything

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I had a apple/cinnamon doughnut on national doughnut day. It was good!

Some boys are neat freaks. I don't think that was a silly question at all for pairing up roommates.

Raven said...

I've never heard of Whale Wars, but it sounds really stupid. The things they put on tv these days.

Congrats to Tiny Baby on his good grades!

Have a great day!

彥安彥安 said...
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