Monday, June 21, 2010

SOMEONE'S Having a Birthday!

Today is my beloved's birthday!
Yea for Brian!

He celebrated in a big way but going to work.
As he was leaving,
I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he said,
"I'm starting a diet today."
Me: "Really?  What kind of diet?

I was expecting an answer like, "I'm going to cut out carbs.  Or, I'm going to eat more fruits an vegetables."
But no.  My answer was, "It's an 'I'm old and fat' diet."

I made a cake anyway.

What I like about Brian -

He's a hardworker.  He doesn't quit!

He's good at solving problems - from broken door hinges, to broken glasses to broken cars to broken relationships.  He can fix things!

He's trustworthy.  He never reveals a confidence.  He is always honest.  He'll stop whatever he is doing to help people.

He's hopeful.  He always thinks the best of people.  He's not cynical.  He really believes that people can change and that they are doing their best.

He's unselfish.  Unlike me, he shares. He will always give you a bit eof his cookie, a piece of his candy, a sip of his drink.  He will loan out tools, cars and money.

He's thoughtful.  He calls several times a day.  He always asks if I need anything.  At 9:30 at night, when I whine that I am starving, he offers to take me out to get food or make popcorn or something.

Sorry to wreck your diet Brian!
I sure love you!
Happy Birthday!


H.K. said...

Happy B/day to your hubby! He sounds like one really cool guy....and my husband does the same thing when I'm hungry too even when I get those insane chocolate cravings that occurs once a month!

valerie said...

He sounds like a sweetie! (can I borrow $500 bucks?) Oh, lol Happy Birthday Brian!

Stef said...

Happy birthday to him. He looks like Elder Holland to me. And good for you for making the cake anyway!

Dawn said...

Aw, sweet! And Happy Birthday to your hubby! He sounds awesome.

And I don't think that he'll be too mad you wrecked his diet :)

martyeaster said...

I attest that he is all those things and more. If I call him and say that I am hungry at 9:30 do you think he will deliver??
Happy 29th birthday Brian!