Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Summer Reading Program

I love to read. I always have a book going.  Always.
Although I don't have much time for reading, I do manage to finish a book every couple of weeks.
I have clearly set a good reading example!

So how is it that NONE of my kids like to read?

Garrett, who received an A in AP Lang and scored a 4 on the test,
has read exactly 2 - TWO books in his lifetime.
All Quiet on the Western Front - required reading for 10th Grade Honors English
and, get ready for it - Twilight.

And he liked it!
I was so excited that he liked it, I ran out and bought the other books in the series.
He never touched them.

Seriously, how does a bonehead get an A in English without reading Antigone, Death of a Salesman, Moby Dick and a little Charles Dickens?

Anyway, Brian decided that since Garrett will be going to college soon, where they give you three hours of homework for every one hour in class, it would be a good idea for Garrett to "practice" reading.
Tapout BrianTapout.
He "invited" Garrett to go to Borders and pick a book, any book and just freaking read it!

Garrett bought the idea.
He went to Borders.
Parker and I reminded him that his purchase had to come from the right side of the store or the center section.  He was to steer clear of he left (movies and DVD's) and the front (magazines.)

Obviously, looking completely bewildered and befuddled, he was quickly approached by a salesperson.
He explained that 1) he hated to read 2) had never finished a book and 3) needed a book he would actually finish.

He came home with one.
G: "Mom, the girl helped me find a really cool book.  It's about a guy who was in the Mafia, enters the witness protection program, decides to go to med school and becomes a doctor."
Me: "What is it? A biography of Uncle Jim*?"    * name changed to protect the innocent
G: "Yeah, pretty much.  That's why I got it."

He's on chapter 9.
Here's to Book THREE!


Julianna said...

That's Awesome! My boys are still little (8&9) and for the most part, also hate to read. But, the little one is sucked into this "Doll People" series that he loves. He's on book three also! Here's to books 4,5,6... Okay, now that may just be crazy talk.


websweb said...

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Andrea said...

Thor loves to read. He's just like me (actually in more ways than I care to count...) but he loves books. Already I have to upgrade his bookshelf to a BIG one! Yea!

I don't know what I would have done if I had a kid like Garrett. Cried probably.

Hope he likes book three!

valerie said...

I'm like you, always have a book going. My kids, not so much. My oldest sounds like G. Read as little as possible that he can get away with.